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I'm a mid twenty something woman living in New England with my two dogs. I graduated college in 2008, and by then the economy was tanking. It was not a good time to enter the adult world. I was originally going to Vet school, but developed severe animal allergies. After 7 months of allergy shots, that affected my liver and actually made my symptoms much worse, i had to give up that dream. Now I'm just trying to find a steady job. I had major reconstructive knee surgery in November of 2011, so I'm still healing.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In which it's okay to shop the new Thanksgiving hours

First off, I can understand why many people are up in arms over Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping starting so early now. Personally, I think the whole Friday thing should have stayed on Friday. However, people grousing about it won't change anything. Neither will posting on Facebook or bitching to your friends. This is how retailers are going to do things now, and that's that. If you don't like it, don't go. Pretty simple, right? For a lot of people this is a social event. A nearly Olympic level challenge in  their mind. They go out as a group, tag team the deals, and come together at the end to regroup and share their hauls.
I hate when people get all up in arms about something that has little to no effect on their day to day life. There are plenty of people on Thanksgiving willing to work. Do you realize that retailers ask for volunteers? There are rarely not enough people willing to do it. Who doesn't want extra money this time of year? Many of the people who are working want it, or they may be unable or unwilling to make it to their families this year. Or they simply may not have anyone to be with. Most retailers give time and a half on Black Friday. Not bad, right?
So, what I'm trying to put out here is this is to each their own. Going, not going, either
one works. I do think that at least some of everyone's shopping should be done local and with small businesses. It benefits everyone.