About me

I'm a mid twenty something woman living in New England with my two dogs. I graduated college in 2008, and by then the economy was tanking. It was not a good time to enter the adult world. I was originally going to Vet school, but developed severe animal allergies. After 7 months of allergy shots, that affected my liver and actually made my symptoms much worse, i had to give up that dream. Now I'm just trying to find a steady job. I had major reconstructive knee surgery in November of 2011, so I'm still healing.

The dogs

These are my boys. They have an absurd amount of pet names, which I may add later. For now, their real names will do. My older dog is Riot. A 3/4 German shepherd 1/4 Malamute mix. He was born in March of 2007. Czar is my younger guy. He's 1/2 GSD and 1/2 Rottweiler, born in November of 2010.