About me

I'm a mid twenty something woman living in New England with my two dogs. I graduated college in 2008, and by then the economy was tanking. It was not a good time to enter the adult world. I was originally going to Vet school, but developed severe animal allergies. After 7 months of allergy shots, that affected my liver and actually made my symptoms much worse, i had to give up that dream. Now I'm just trying to find a steady job. I had major reconstructive knee surgery in November of 2011, so I'm still healing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In which I'm ready for spring.

And by ready, I mean really ready. The last few months, since the beginning of June really, have been pretty rough not just for me but for my immediately family and some of my friends. We're all due a break. Hopefully the nicer weather will be a catalyst for change. I'm glad that the storm moved north. Now we're just getting rain, maybe a couple of inches of snow.